5 Guides on Using Safety Switches at Home and Business

Electrical faults are the leading cause of fire damage in the home and also in commercial establishments. Many are the times when we discover a faulty electronic but decide to ignore it because we think it will not amount to much. One of the safety measures you as a homeowner can take to ensure that your house stays protected from fire damage at all times, is installing safety switches in the home. When safety switches are properly installed and maintained, they only take a millisecond to cut out the electric circuit and protect you from getting hurt or your property from catching fire. Here are a few guidelines that will help you to use safety switches in a way that does not lead to fire in the home.

Types of safety switches

Before even getting into the ways in which safety switches can be operated and maintained, it is important to understand the types of switches that are available.

· Meter box units: these are installed on the main switchboard, and they can be configured to offer complete protection or selective protection.

· Powerpoint units: these are built into a single power point. They provide a single circuit protection.

· Portable units: these are great for use with extensions, or other portable power tools.

Note that switches are not fuses or circuit breakers and should not be confused with them.

Repairing your damages appliances

One of the main reasons why safety switches will keep going off in the home is when there are broken or damaged appliances. When an appliance has a fault, it leaks current, and the moment the switch detects some extra flow, it trips. If the appliances are heavily used, the tear and wear could be the reason behind leaking current. Proper maintenance will help reduce instances of the switches going off.

Repair your damaged wiring

Another factor that interferes with the working of safety switches in the home is when there is damaged wiring in the electrical circuit. With time, your home’s electrical wiring and its entire insulation gets damaged. When this happens, the power supply will be cut off immediately, or the switches will trip. The solution here is to have the parts of the wiring that have become worn out replaced. Alternatively, you could have the entire building rewired, especially if it is an older building.

Regulating the number of appliances in use

When you overload your electric outlets with too many appliances, you end up in a situation where tiny amounts of current are constantly leaking. This constant leaking leads to the safety switches leaking over time. If you disconnect a few of your appliances, but the tripping still continues, consider getting a professional to help diagnosing the problem that could be leading to the leaks in electric current.

Protecting the switches during bad weather

It is known that during bad weather such as extreme storms, it is not uncommon to have power surges. These surges create an increase in electrical current flowing through the circuits and the switches trip in return. The best way to preserve the safety switches when there is a storm is to switch off all the appliances. If you have an alternative source of lighting, it would be great to think about using it until the storm clears. Rainwater can also get into parts such as sockets and appliances. When this happens, current could keep getting interrupted, leading to tripping of the switches and eventual damage. Check for water in the appliances and ensure that they have been dried up properly before you switch on the power again.

Repair defective switches

There are times when the switch could be the cause of the problem. When the switch is faulty, it will cause tripping even when there is no power overload. If you have the kind of safety switches that keep getting on the off part, it would be best to think about replacing them altogether.

The best thing that you can do to make sure that your safety switches are always working and that nothing is interfering with their accuracy is getting them tested from time to time. When you let a Brisbane Electrician do the regular testing as it should be done, you will always have switches that are in the right working condition.

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