A Detailed Checklist For Moving Into a New House

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Moving is stressful, but if you plan the right way, it doesn’t have to be an awful experience. A little preparation and work done gradually over time will help ease the stress of moving; here’s a checklist for moving into a new house that will help you get organized.

1. Figure Out the Moving Plan

If you’re planning on moving yourself, start collecting boxes about 6-8 weeks before the big day to give you ample time to pack. If you are hiring professional movers to do the job, read reviews and call around to get quotes. You’ll want to reserve the best day with your removalists for yourself but also lock in the best price ahead of time.

2. Forward Important Documents

Depending on where you move to, you’ll need to find new doctors, accountants, and other professionals that will require your information to handle your business. Call your current operators and get your info transferred to the new location a couple months before you move.

3. Purge Your Closets

No one wants to move junk that they won’t be keeping long-term anyways, so utilize your packing time to purge out the stuff you don’t want it. Sell it online or donate it to charity get some killer tax deductions.

4. Start Packing Non-Essentials

Wall decorations, long-term storage things, and everything else you won’t be using over the next few months can start going into boxes as soon as possible. The more you can do now, the less you’ll have to do later, which gives you more time to plan and less time to stress.

5. Switch Utility Providers

As soon as you have a move-in date, contact your future utility provider and ask for service to start the day before, and tell your current utility provider to stop the same day. This way, you won’t have to worry about the lights or water not working on move-in day. As a bonus, take a few minutes to schedule a deep-cleaning, including that of your carpet of your current house with your maid service for the same day as well.

6. Clean Out Your Storage

If you’re moving quite a distance away and will be changing banks, don’t forget to clean out your safety deposit box before you move. Furthermore, start “eating down” your refrigerator so there’s less to throw out on moving day. Also, call the post office to set your new forwarding address.

7. Prep an Overnight Bag

Once you’ve put everything into boxes, you’ll need to get your bare essentials into an overnight bag to use the day that you plan on moving. This will be your overnight clothes, toiletries, underwear, prescriptions, or anything else you need on a daily basis.

8. Double-Check Particulars

Make sure that payment and schedule for your movers are on time, that you have the keys for the new house, have left the keys for the old house with new owners, and anything else you need to verify. Once you’ve moved in, check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are operational as well. Locate the water shut-off valves and circuit breaker, reprogram the garage door openers, change the locks, and place fire extinguishers around the house. Then, start enjoying your new life.

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