Community Clean Up Project Ideas

Community Clean Up Project Ideas

Community clean up is a great way for volunteers to come together to help improve public spaces. Cleaning, repair, and improvements to public access areas or vacant lots and abandoned buildings are all projects done by the community. Being involved provides a way to give back to your neighborhood. It is also an effective way to teach your children about the value of community. There are many projects to be involved in to help clean up in your community.

1. Recycling

Picking up trash in your community is a simple project. Much of the litter on our streets is made from recyclable materials. Picking up the trash will give an immediate sense of accomplishment and instantly make the neighborhood look cleaner. It is easy for children to learn what recyclable items are. Picking up trash and collecting items to recycle can be a community project or an individual activity. Be sure to wear plastic gloves whenever handling trash, and have a bag for throw away items and a separate bag for recyclables. You can also use a pickup stick to save from excessive bending and prevent direct handling of trash.

2. Repaint and Redecorate

Painting is a form of creative expression, as well as a great way to spruce up the neighborhood. There are many items to perk up with fresh paint such as curbs, mailboxes, playground equipment, and benches. To add an extra touch of fun, give the kids an opportunity for some creativity. For example, children could be assigned teams and given a planter or park bench to design and paint however they wish.

3. Trimming Up the Foliage

As shrubs, bushes, and trees grow, they may block or interfere with sidewalks or paths. A good way to help keep the foliage in order is to walk around the neighborhood and offer to help trim back trees and bushes. Be prepared by bringing gloves, your own cutting equipment, and bags for the kids to gather up the clippings. The bags can be emptied into a compost bin. Many elderly or infirm neighbors will appreciate the help in keeping their greenery trimmed and neat.

4. Planting Trees and Flowers

Trees play an important roll in our environment. They provide oxygen, improve air quality, help support wildlife and even contribute to conserving water. Besides the practical value of trees, they also make the neighborhood look fresh and green. Planting trees and flowers can brighten up the neighborhood. The bright colors will be sure to give the community a sense of cleanness and freshness.

5. Community Garden

A community garden is a piece of land which is maintained by a group of people. The plot of land is utilized by a collective of people who want to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers for use. Everyone helps out in the work, and everyone gets some of the harvest. The garden can be created on public or private land and can grow both edible and non-edible plants. Some community gardens also donate the surplus produce to shelters or food banks.

6. Fundraisers

Community projects can cost money, so funds may be needed to see them through. There are many types of fundraisers in which to participate. Here are a few ideas:

  • Community Yard Sale
  • 5K Run/Walk
  • Chinese Auction
  • Local Concert
  • Bake-off
  • Pub Crawl
  • Raffle
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Sports Tournament
  • Dance-off

7. Community Clean Up

After an abandoned building is taken down, there may be an opportunity for a community clean-up day to help clear some of the debris. It can be a daunting task, so having the help of a quick removal service is necessary. There will be lots of trash that needs to be hauled away. With the community pitching in to help, the job will get done much faster.

Many hands to make light work, and living in a community will give you lots of opportunities to help clean up the neighborhood. Keeping our areas fresh, clean, and pleasant is worth the effort.

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