Maximise Your Content Shares With These Handy Tips

Sharing is caring- but how to do it properly? In this article, we will look at the best methods to successfully reach your social media-related goals.

Use a strong headline

Using a strong headline is the best way to catch the reader’s attention. When thinking about a new piece, try to take your time to remember to include all the elements needed. If you want to make your text digestible, in fact, you will have to mix simplicity and visual elements such as pictures or infographics to be entertaining. Do that and share it all over your social media accounts, but try to adjust your copy to the platform. You will have to use a picture on Instagram, while on Twitter you can use an important sentence of the text, providing the link to the full version on your website.

Vary your content

Variety is also key to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Change your content regularly, switching between multiple text forms such as polls, user-generated content, and promotions. It will also help to spark conversation between the brand and the audience.

Content Sharing
Make your ending effective

How do I end my posts? There are many ways to do that, but the best ones, in this case, include a clear call to action that incentivizes people to answer with a comment or a picture. Promotions, in this context, are perfect. You could, for example, offer your customers a discount or start a contest so that they will be more involved with your products. Remember not to be too self-promotional. Valuable information, in the long run, is more profitable than the shameless self-promotion many businesses do.

When to post?

Common sense says you shouldn’t spam your audience with multiple messages at once. Remember- quality over quantity. Check when your audience is the most active so that you will share your content when there are the highest levels of engagement.

Build a relationship with customers

Feature your customers on your social media feeds, and encourage the others to do so as well. You could incentivize them to post a picture with their favorite product or write a brief comment on how your business is the one they prefer the most, and then reward them with a giveaway. Doing that, you will build a meaningful relationship with your audience, and you will show them you care about what they have to say. It will also increase your visibility.

Keep an eye on messages

How you message your audience is important as well. Use tools to schedule your content and messages. Respond quickly to any inquiry so that everyone can be satisfied in the shortest length of time.

To recap, your posts must be engaging and suited for the social network you publish them to. Post periodically so that you will make sure your content is high quality, and do it when your audience is the most active. End your posts with a clear call to action and incentivize your customers to have a direct relationship with your brand. Don’t be too self-promotional.

Optimize for search engines

One of the most overlooked ways to get traction for your content is to get it ranked in Google using Search Engine Optimization. By following various tactics and best practises you can dramatically grow your business rankings and help get your content into the hands of many more people.

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