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REVEALED: What Are the Disadvantages of Staffing?

Of course, there are obvious advantages to staffing. Businesses cannot succeed without adequate and competent work teams. There is both internal and external staffing to consider. External staffing brings people in from the outside. Internal staffing can lead to positive outcomes, but it can also lead to a number of problems that external recruitment may be able to bypass. As such, many marketers ask, “What are the disadvantages of staffing?”

Organizational change and staffing are not always easy. Internal recruiting can make it difficult to create changes in the way things are usually done. One of the complaints about recruiting from within is that new managers will likely continue to do things the same old way.

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Resentment from Employees

For one, it is a challenge to draw from an internal employee pool even when there is an abundance of talent and business acumen. Employees within are bound to feel slighted if not chosen. This happens even if management has done everything within its power to give every qualified person a fair and equal chance. Someone will always feel angry that management passed them over.

Choosing from within the company may also create limit options. Choosing only from among the people within the company may overlook the talents of someone who may be more qualified for the job from the outside. From without, there may be a better fit waiting to interview.

Hiring from within also means that a vacancy somewhere needs to be filled. Eventually, someone from the outside will need to bring in to fill an opening. Also, taking someone competent out of a position can alter the smooth flow of operations. Even for entrepreneur staffing, success is impossible without being able to build the right team.

It is never just about impressive ideas or theories. Success is a result of qualified and motivated people working together as a team to bring concepts and ideas into the world of reality. While you may have an amazing vision, or even if you are a decision-maker, there is no enterprise that can accomplish with just one person. There is a number of advantage to working with a staffing firm:

  • Saves Time – Staffing companies have access to an array of talent. They have people in their database that may not be available through traditional job search sources


  • Temporary and part-time temp workers may be privy to insurance benefits. This can save a hosting company a lot of money in the long run. Some temp employees may be eligible for insurance benefits or retirement plans if they have worked long enough.


  • Staffing agencies may also have a pool of employees who do not mind flexible working conditions. Candidates are instrumental in helping staffing agencies decide jobs that best fit the candidate’s needs. Candidates are able to arrange their work schedule to fit the client’s needs. It becomes a win-win for everyone.

A staffing agency may also provide temp help that can serve as a bridge to a permanent position. Temp work allows an individual to get their feet through the front door, and for companies to access their abilities

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7 Best Car Signage Ideas You Didn’t Think Of

Choosing the best car signage can help gain interest about your company and bring in even more leads. However, the majority of companies often look for unoriginal signage which people look past. To see the best possible results, your business needs to choose signage that brings attention to itself. To give you a better idea of what you should be choosing, here are the seven most unique car signage ideas.

1. Use a Theme

Most businesses use a theme with their car signage that attracts customers. This can be anything from intricate designs to a meaningful quote people can relate to. For example, FedEx painted a competing delivery company on their car trying to catch up. This plays into a delivery theme, telling people that FedEx is much faster than their competition.

2. Take Advantage of Large and Eye Catching Font

If you’re not too big with themes, using large and eye catching font is another way your car signage can lead people to your business. Often enough, the larger you make your display, the more people can see and respond to it. However, you should always make sure you’re using a font that fits well with the message you’re presenting. Plus, if you ever need help picking a type of font, you can use Google Fonts.

3. Incorporate 3D Images

Among the problems that business have with their car signage is getting people interested in their company. However, incorporating 3D images in your signage can gain public interest. For example, a zoo signage could have a snake wrapped around a car.


Advertising concept: black text Advertise under the curled piece of Red torn paper with Hand Drawn Marketing Icons


4. Display Funny Messages

In signage, humor can take away the seriousness or boringness most ads have. It can make the car signage more conversational for a larger audience. For example, Charmin had an ad showing a toilet seat under each window of a bus.

5. Use Engaging Signage

Using engaging signage can help you get your message across to more people. For example, displaying messages such as “honk if you love food.” This sort of engagement can increase the popularity of your ad, however, you should make sure it pertains to your business and doesn’t confuse people.

6. Add an Animal Print

If your company uses an animal mascot, consider using their coat pattern in your car advertisements. For example, if your logo contains a cheetah, consider covering your entire car in a cheetah print. This is the sort of bold advertising that allows small businesses to really stand out and get their name out there.

7. Use Cartoon or Sketch Designs

People often ignore car advertising when they see it. However, by using a cartoon image, you can stand out from other car advertisements and gain the attention your company deserves. A lot of car ads are boring and overly professional. Cartoon ads are unique and visually interesting, which will draw more people in. They can also add a bit of fun, while still being professional.

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